Kitchen Renovations

Having an affordable kitchen renovation in Sydney is easy to achieve by using our services. A kitchen renovation can add a level of comfort and ease to an almost perfect home. It can be the one thing missing from a home that is otherwise in the right location, of the right size and has the right amenities.

Kitchens can be one of the most personal spaces. A kitchen that isn’t quite what you wanted tends to remind you of that fact every day. A kitchen that is entirely functional from your viewpoint is a kitchen that works to enhance your and your family’s lifestyle.

But having a renovation performed can be a stressful experience if the company you choose is not experienced in kitchen renovations or if this isn’t their main speciality.

A kitchen renovation should be performed by one company from start to finish. The company you choose should be the ones providing the design, ordering the building materials and sourcing the fittings and appliances.

The company should also be the ones performing the actual work onsite from start to finish and a member of that company should be the one that shakes your hand at the conclusion of the project.

The Dangers of Subcontracting  

You don’t to involve more companies and people in your renovation than absolutely necessary. “Too many cooks spoil the broth” is never as true as in renovation work.

Having one company design the project and another company install it simply leaves room for miscommunications. Having one company think they have a better idea than another and having them try to ‘fix’ some aspect that you specifically asked for is one thing that you absolutely don’t want to have happen.

It’s a recipe for disaster and one that can turn a straightforward project into a nightmare of re-work and ever-lengthening delays.

The dangers of subcontracting are potentially even greater if the homeowner doesn’t check the credentials and insurance documentation of each and every subcontractor that is hired onto the project.

Settling for faulty workmanship and uninsured tradesmen on your property can lead to potential problems long after the project is finished.

Having One Company Perform the Renovation is the Key to Satisfaction

This is why we greatly prefer to perform our renovations as a total package. It allows us to maintain our quality standards through all phases of the project. From start to finish our project manager will keep you informed about every stage of the renovation’s progress.

This close communication is important for your confidence and peace of mind. It’s also important for us to receive any feedback in a timely manner so we can respond and adjust to that feedback. This is the recipe for customer satisfaction. 

By dealing with our company, we will be the only faces you see on-site during your kitchen renovation in Sydney.   

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