When you don’t have the spare time to properly keep an eye on your kitchen renovation in Sydney or you feel that you don’t have the proper experience, we can step in and offer project management services that will make your kitchen renovation project a successful one that ends up on schedule and with everything up to the original specifications.

We have years of experience in the design, demolition, sourcing, supply, installation and finish work required in every kitchen renovation. We are perfectly happy to provide our expert project management services for your renovation when the job becomes just a little bigger and more complicated than you had originally imagined.

A kitchen renovation encompasses several sorts of trades. It’s important to have a thorough understanding of each of these trades and what should be expected of them. In addition to the tradesmen, there is also the sourcing and supply of all the building materials, fittings, appliances, finishes, stains and paints to consider as well as the scheduling of the timeline before a project can commence. 

Our project management services also include keeping a close eye on your budget and schedule and alerting you before you encounter any overages with either one. From the initial demolition to the application of finishing touches, we endeavour to keep your project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Your Renovation Proceeds as Designed

We Focus on the Details to Ensure Your Renovation Proceeds as Designed

From our experience, we know the devil is in the details. We can recognise when short-cuts are being taken and specifications are being ignored or fudged. This can spell disaster as your renovation comes closer to completion as these mistakes become readily apparent.

The solution is to keep a close eye on the progress of the renovation every day and fix the mistakes when they happen, before they become an even bigger problem. This requires intimate knowledge of the various elements involved in a renovation and knowing what to look out for.

We Provide You with a Renovation Done Right

Because of our experience and skill in performing Sydney kitchen renovations, we can deliver a kitchen renovation that exceeds all your expectations. We strive to complete every project we manage ahead of schedule and under-budget without taking any shortcuts or deviating from any specifications. We deliver just what the designer promised and what you expect.

With the quality of our project management services, you will rest easy knowing your project is in good hands. We understand the importance that a comfortable, trouble-free kitchen can mean to our clients and that’s just what we intend to deliver.

For responsible kitchen renovation project management services in Sydney, give us a call. You’ll be happy you put us in charge of your project.

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