More than the living room or the family room, the kitchen has long served as the meeting place for family and friends. It’s the source of enticing aromas and comfort foods. It’s also the one area of your home where the whole family meets at the start of their day.

But when a family moves into a new home, practically every family member has an opinion about the home’s kitchen – just one little aspect that they would change if they could. Well now you can. Now you can have the exact kitchen you’ve always wanted, built to your specifications with excellent recommendations by a skilled company that specialises in custom kitchen renovations in the Sydney area.

The Facets of a Well-designed Kitchen

Most of the complaints about existing kitchens concern the same old, timeless problems: There is not enough counter space. It’s hard to move around if more than one person is doing the cooking. There is not enough storage space. The appliances are outdated.

We have listened to these complaints and we have used them to create kitchens in which a team of chefs could easily prepare a five-course meal.

We create kitchens that have practical layouts where cabinet doors are not banging into each other or impeding people’s walking space. Kitchens where there is always enough available counter space. Kitchens that have ample and readily accessible storage spaces built into the décor. And kitchens that have the latest in modern, tasteful, well-designed and functional appliances. These are the facets of a well-designed kitchen.

The key to creating kitchens that serve the homeowners and their families is not so much in having years of experience in kitchen design and renovations, though we certainly qualify in that respect.

The key is in simply listening to what the homeowners and their families expect from their kitchens. How they will use it, the meals that they will be preparing and the amount of time they will be spending in it. This is what makes a kitchen truly functional for a family.

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We Provide the Heart of Your Home 

We specialise in designing and installing affordable kitchen renovations in Sydney. Whether it’s a new kitchen design using existing appliance and fittings or a complete, custom kitchen renovation, if you live in the Sydney area, we can supply the kitchen of your dreams.

We listen to you and address your practical considerations as well as your dreams. Listening is our starting point in designing a kitchen that will serve you and your family well for decades to come.

By simply listening, we can transform your thoughts and ideas into a three-dimensional reality that will add immediate and long-lasting value to your home.

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