Since our inception, we have been focused on delivering the highest quality of workmanship throughout every piece of custom joinery and furniture crafted from within our workshop.

Our range of workmanship extends from kitchen cabinetry to solid wood furniture, vanities, wardrobes, entertainment units, bookcases and all other kinds of specialty custom joinery. Every piece crafted demonstrates our passion for quality. We have the best cabinet maker and team of furniture and wardrobe makers available to craft durable, personalised and timeless additions for your home.

Kitchen Renovations

A Unique Quality

We personally liaise with our clients to uncover what they are truly looking to get out of their custom joinery project. We utilise quality materials and a range of traditional furniture making techniques to create designs that will last. We also have a proven ability to work accurately, efficiently and professionally to get the job done to your exact specifications.

Our impeccable attention to detail, devotion and passion to provide only the best custom joinery distinguishes us from others within the industry. So whatever custom made furniture requirements you may have, you can rest assured our cabinet maker has the capacity to craft unique pieces which will both complement and augment your home.

Your kitchen cabinets, shelving and embellishments are one of the first things that people notice when they enter a kitchen for the first time. People love to run their hands over them to look for the level of quality. How well they are constructed sets the tone for the entire kitchen’s level of quality.

They are one of the elements of a kitchen that consume the most area, so naturally they draw the eye more than smaller elements do. This is why we focus a lot of attention onto the talent and skill we take in our joinery work. It gives us a lot of pride to be known just as much for our joinery work as for our talent in affordable kitchen renovations in Sydney.

Our joinery skills are one of the talents that led us in the direction of Sydney kitchen renovations. It’s a skill that we have been practicing for many years and over the years we have discovered that our skills at joinery have led to other benefits. 

Using Our Joinery Skills to Benefit the Kitchen Renovation as a Whole

Joinery involves having a lot of knowledge about timber and other construction materials. Know which type of building material is strong, light, water-resistant, stain-resistant or durable is an asset that can be utilised in other aspects of the kitchen renovation business.

Our experience in joinery applies during the design phase of a kitchen renovation when choosing the right type of building materials can result in the presentation of a kitchen that suits the client’s wants and needs.

Different types of materials also work well when matched with other type of building materials, fittings appliances and finishes. So our kitchens renovations attain a cohesiveness of design, presentation and function that our clients appreciate.

Joinery also matters where one type of material stops and another begins. Seamlessly being able to make the transition between materials is the mark of an expert in joinery. It matters just as much in making a kitchen easier to clean and much less susceptible to mould and mildew problems.

Kitchen Renovations

Our Expertise in Kitchen Renovations is reflected in Our Joinery Skills

The same quality and expertise that we brought to joinery is also applied to all the other facets of providing a custom kitchen renovation in Sydney. We have applied ourselves to providing the same attention to detail in the fittings, appliances, countertops, lighting, flooring and everything else that makes your kitchen a place of unparalleled beauty and functionality.

By using the standard of quality that we insist upon in our joinery to all the other aspects of the kitchen renovation business, we have succeeded in making a name for ourselves. We have established SS Kitchens as a high-standard supplier of affordable kitchen renovations in Sydney.

Professionally Made to Your Specifications

Whether you are looking for professionally made kitchen cabinetry, a built-in wardrobe or something else – our dedicated cabinet/furniture/wardrobe makers will accommodate for all your needs and requirements.

For more information and to discuss your upcoming project, designs or specialty requirements; call us on 0403 115 149.

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