Every qualified success in the world has started with a well-thought out plan. And your kitchen is no different. Meeting your requirements of how your kitchen should look, feel and function is a job we are well-qualified to undertake.

Whether it’s building a kitchen from the ground up or renovating an existing kitchen, creating a design that meets all your needs and looks and feels like the kitchen you’ll be the most comfortable living in is the first step.

The design dictates how the rest of the project will proceed. It defines the materials that will need to be located and supplied, the appliances that will need to be sourced, the amount of demolition that will need to occur and the even the schedule and length of time that the project will take.

This is why we put so much importance into getting the design absolutely right for you and your family. But we can’t conceive of your perfect kitchen without your help and input. A custom kitchen renovation simply can’t happen without it. 

Working Together to Create Your Perfect Kitchen in Sydney

When you work with SS Kitchens, you become the most valued member of the project team. And in no part of the project are you more valuable than in the design phase.

Whether it’s a thoroughly sleek and modern design you’re going for, a rustic country look or something that fits the existing style and décor of your home, every subsequent design spec comes from the basic look you want to see in your kitchen and your stated budget figure. From the cabinet design to the appliances, every aspect of the final design must conform to these two parameters.

We work together with you to reach this final design milestone as well as a functional layout, the number, type and brands of appliances, the desired amount of counter space and storage space, the counter and cabinet materials, the positioning and number of sinks, the flooring, even the lighting layout will be designed to your specifications.

Our design of your kitchen will ultimately encompass all the requirements that you have and we won’t be satisfied with the design until you are.

The Project Proceeds from the Design

The Project Proceeds from the Design

Once the final design is in place we work with you to create a schedule of how the entire project will proceed from start to end. We take into consideration the needs of you and your family and try to cause as little disruption to your daily lives as possible.

We know where the problems areas will be and how to address them. We have had years of experience providing custom kitchen renovations in Sydney and we’re very methodical in working out all the minor details of your project so they don’t turn into major issues along the way. It’s all a part of our design kitchen design services.  

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