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Maybe you had thought that you’d bought the house of your dreams in the Sydney suburbs. It has the right amount of floor space and spacious rooms. It’s close to schools and businesses you frequent. You thought it had everything. But the more time you spend trying to make the kitchen work for you, the more you realise that you need an entirely new kitchen. A kitchen that you had a hand in planning and one that works for you and your family and your family’s lifestyle.   

We specialise in custom kitchen renovations throughout all the suburbs of Sydney. With our thirty years of design experience, we can help you design a stunning and highly functional kitchen which is guaranteed to meet specifications and exceed expectations, whilst also remaining in-line with your budget.

We discuss the demands and desires of your family and lifestyle and take that information into account as we get closer to recommending just the right kitchen with the appliances, cabinets, counter space and amenities that will make that kitchen fit right in with your day to day lifestyle.  

A kitchen should serve as the heart of any home, a central place for a family to gather and prepare a meal together. This is why the comfort level of a kitchen is so important to us. We want your kitchen to be your most favourite room in the house.  

Affordable High-quality Reno

We will discuss your ideas, help you plan, design and create the kitchen you desire. From the dimensions of the space available, to the colours, cabinet style, worktops and appliances to be integrated. By taking into account every little detail, our team of renovators and designers can get to work on creating a space specifically designed around you and your home.

We handle the renovation from the design phase all the through to the hand-over. Our craftsmen are specialists in handling every process that is a necessary step in the transformation of your old kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. We have trained in our respective crafts for years so that we can provide the best level of service and expertise to every single kitchen restoration we perform.

We will manage your reno project throughout its entirety; from the initial consultation phase to planning and design right through to sourcing the products, installations and finally completion of your new kitchen renovation. You will be kept informed of every step of the progress.

Function and Beauty

Just because it’s a renovation project, it doesn’t mean it have to be a stressful experience. It’s our aim to see our clients excited about being a part of the transformation project for the most important room of the home. We also have a dedicated team at our disposal that can create unique cabinets tailored to your own requirements, as well as ensuring cohesion in both style and design for your project.

Our renovators have decades of industry experience to fall back on, so you can rest assured both your kitchen and your home are in very capable hands. We guarantee to exceed your expectations in form, function and beauty and all at an affordable price.

We are specialists of the highest quality in new and custom kitchen renovations in the Sydney region. For more information please get in touch with us on 0403 115 149.

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